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The Roadwork Archives Online - Inventory:
Lost, Found, and How You Can Help
Restore This Treasure

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This is what we lost:

- Files detailing every concert or tour Roadwork was involved in: contracts, correspondence, press clippings, promotional materials, evaluations

- Roadwork Board meeting notes, annual budgets, grant applications

- Sisterfire planning, production, and post- production materials, 1982-1988

- Documents related to community coalition building, how to promote and book performing artists, how to put on a community-based cultural event

- Video and audio recording; radio interviews, taping of live performances (audio and video)

- Documentary interviews of performers

- The collected memory of twenty years

This is what we have recovered so far:

- Some Roadwork Board notes from 1985 to 19996

- Sisterfire programs 1982-1988, some other Sisterfire planning and post-production evaluations, 1986-1988

- Audio masters from Sisterfire 1986

- DC Council for the Arts grant documents, 1985-1988

This is what we would ask you to consider:
What's in your back closet?

- Original or photocopy contracts, promotional materials, news clippings, correspondence

- Audio or video recordings of any promotional or concert performances (no questions asked)

- Be aware of and take note of posters, photographs, or recordings being offered for sale: They must might be part of Roadwork's lost archive.

Rebuilding the network:

- Names and contact information for others who have memories and documents to share

- Your recollections - help us build a timeline of events.
* Your relationship to Roadwork
* Groups with whom you worked
* Events you attended -
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Was it a benefit?
  • Did it make money?
  • Was it successful as a cultural event?
  • Did it lead to something else?
  • What were the struggles involved?

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